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DNA Labs Pakistan is a private DNA testing Lab that specializes in offering reliable, accurate and confidential DNA testing services to private and public sectors

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DNA Test in Pakistan is mostly used to establish the family and genetic relationship between different individuals. A DNA relationship test confirms that two people are related. In many cases, establishing the relationship bond between different family members is compulsory for inheritance, immigration, peace of mind and legal purposes. DNA Labs Pakistan provides the proof of a family relationship within turnaround time, 100% accuracy with complete confidentiality.

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Paternity DNA Test: 

DNA paternity tests determine the biological father of a child. We all inherit our DNA from our biological parents – half of our mother and half of our father. A DNA paternity test compares the DNA profile of a child with that of the presumed father to determine whether there is a match or not.

A paternity test is a type of DNA test used to establish the relationship between the father and a child. The test involves sample collection from the two individuals involved–the biological father and child–which are analyzed to determine if they both are genetically related or not.

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We are committed to providing a level of professionalism and customer service seldom seen in the DNA testing and other medical services arenas. DNA Forensics Laboratory is one of the largest laboratories in India and providing DNA testing services at various locations

At DNA Labs Pakistan the quality of our service is of utmost importance. We offer high quality tests through our accredited laboratory that is backed by a team of highly experienced scientists. Our laboratory has performed many DNA tests over the years and therefore we have the necessary experience to handle a wide range of different cases.

Thank you so much for your prompt reply to my inquiry. Our circumstances have been very tragic and it has taken me quite some time to get my head around the full implications of this DNA result. Thank you again, the assistance you have provided to my family has been invaluable and we are very grateful from your services.
Hina Khan
We had a fantastic experience with DNA Labs Pakistan. Thank you for making us proud parents! With a systematic and world class approach we received the best DNA testing services. You made our life an experience to cherish. May you light the lamp of hope to many more lives! Thank you team!
Shoaib Akhtar
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