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For DNA testing, any specimen can be used for DNA extraction like blood, buccal swab, routed hair, nails, semen stains, blood stains, skin and bones etc. but we prefer to collect blood or buccal swab sample for quality and accurate DNA test reports.

If you are looking for a DNA test in Pakistan, you can go to any of our collection centre along with your child. We will collect your DNA sample after verifying the parties. You need to fill paternity requisition form and submit one of your government valid ID and legal guardian’s proofs of the child to the sample collector.

Once our laboratory receives your DNA samples, we start the process and provide the tests result within 2 weeks via email or courier. If you have a pending court date and time is of the essence, you could opt for time delivery guarantee, in which we will complete your test by the date you specify to us

Yes! Your results will be confidential and released only to you. You can get report only with your registered email and address.

We conduct Peace of mind and Immigration DNA tests at our AABB certified lab in America whereas Legal and Transplant DNA tests are done at our NABL certified lab in New Delhi. You can order Home DNA or Paternity Test Kits or call to make an appointment for us to take samples in any city across the India. We also provide home sample collection service with additional charges.

DNA Labs Pakistan has the Pakistan first & most trusted DNA testing laboratory. Our advantages translate into accurate, reliable and accredited testing and top-quality customer service for you. To name just a few:
*We are the only laboratory in India to run every test twice for 100% accuracy.
* We have more locations across the Pakistan and have sampling facility around the world more than any other DNA services provider.
* We provide services with the best expertise having core professional of DNA biology and serology field. We have our staff trained from DNA Labs UAE laboratory that has in hand experience on live cases.

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