Grand Parents DNA Test
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Grand Parents DNA Test

 120,000.00  70,000.00


Test Name: GrandParents DNA Test Father to Child

Total Number of Markers Covered: 46 Markers are Matched between GrandFather and Child or Grandmother and child.

Standard Sample Type: Blood and Swab

Non-Standard Sample Type: Call us to know the price (Hair with roots, nails and semen)

Reporting Time: 2 weeks

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Grandparentage DNA test offers an alternative to paternity or maternity testing when the alleged father or mother may not be available.

These days, more and more people are going in for these tests at our DNA Labs Pakistan. Here, the child’s genetics are compared with the DNA profiles of the alleged father’s biological parents. Because all of us inherit half of our DNA from our maternal side and the other half from our paternal side, the paternal half must match the DNA patterns passed on to our parents from our grandparents. In case the mother is available and willing to provide her sample, the analysis is expedited as we are able to exclude her side’s (maternal side’s) patterns from the child’s DNA. In case this is not possible, Grandparentage DNA tests require deeper and in­-depth analyses, and thus are comparatively costlier. However, the accuracy levels for all our tests are not compromised even for a motherless Grandparentage DNA test.

The test is a looped way of establishing family relationships among brothers, sisters or even cousins. The tests have a variety of uses, including inheritance cases, immigration cases, etc. In DNA Labs Pakistan, we also undertake Single Grandparentage DNA testing in cases where only one of the grandparents is alive/available.

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