Legal Immigration DNA Test
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Legal Immigration DNA Test

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Test Name: Immigration DNA Test

Reasons to have immigration DNA tests:

  • In case, people applying for abroad resident status, but does not have a reliable birth certificate or family records available, then immigration DNA testing encounters in offering a reliable solution in documenting.
  • Immigration DNA testing also helps to prove family ties between parents, siblings and half-sibling, and paternal aunts, uncles and grandparents.
  • If a family member is already a citizen, the country may allow immediate family members or members of the extended family to also enter the premises to prove the relationship. In this case too, a DNA test is a relatively simple process to ensure that accurate evidence is provided.
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DNA Labs Pakistan provides you with Immigration DNA tests services to satisfy your immigration requirements along with its experience and expertise.

Whenever a biological relationship needs to be proven between a petitioner and a beneficiary, the Immigration department seeks DNA tests to establish the biological relationship between them both. In cases where the available documentary evidence like a birth record/certificate, ration­ card, voter’s card, etc. are considered inconclusive by the Immigration department of a specific country, an Immigration Test report is considered as sufficient evidence to establish the relationship.

In DNA Labs Pakistan, we have several configurations of Immigration DNA Tests available like a paternity DNA test, maternity DNA test, siblingship DNA test, Grandparentage test, etc.

DNA testing is becoming necessary for establishing relationships for immigration purposes and is considered the most accurate way to determine the biological relationship between the petitioner and a beneficiary.

DNA Labs Pakistan has been acknowledged in the growth of ingenious DNA testing services. Our testing lab is accredited with the Ministry of justice, CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments, ANAB, and AABB to conduct embassy approved DNA tests for immigration applications.

Our DNA test provides 24+ premium loci’s (markers) validated by FBI CODIS in reports and with dual testing policy to ensure 100% accuracy of reports. We require DNA samples to be collected by our professionals or accredited sampler in legal cases. Results are issued within 2 weeks.

We easily obtain samples from the inside of the cheek with a sterile cotton swab (buccal swab) and once DNA samples are collected they are packaged in a tamper-proof bag for shipment to our DNA testing laboratory. We share results and case information only with authorized individuals and the results we issue are legally admissible and may be used as proof of relationship. For the protection of the tested results, we never release DNA testing results over the phone call. All DNA samples and DNA profiles are retained as long as required by our authorization guidelines but are destroyed after the requirements are fulfilled.

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