Maternity DNA Test Mother to Child
 60,000.00  45,000.00 Book Test

Maternity DNA Test Mother to Child

 60,000.00  45,000.00


Test Name: Maternity DNA Test Father to Child

Total Number of Markers Covered: 24 Markers are Matched between Mother and Child

Standard Sample Type: Blood and Swab

Non-Standard Sample Type: Call us to know the price (Hair with roots, nails and semen)

Reporting Time: 2 weeks

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Maternity DNA testing is the most reliable method of definitively concluding who is the biological mother of a child. Because each individual derives their DNA from their mother and father, the analysis of a DNA sample of the child and biological mother provides a clear picture of motherhood.

We understand that the results of a DNA test are extremely important, that is why we take great care to protect your confidentiality throughout the process as we work to provide you with the most reliable results you can trust. Our sample collection process is quick, easy and non-intrusive and we analyze the samples in our AABB accredited, top-quality DNA testing lab.

You may wish to perform a DNA maternity test for many reasons. In some cases, a maternity test may be ordered by a court to conclusively establish maternity. Some of the most common reasons for maternity DNA tests are:

  • Clarification or confirmation of motherhood
  • An Assertion of custody or visit right
  • An Evidence for immigration procedures
  • Court-ordered test for parental conflict
  • Adoption-related DNA testing
  • Resolve the controversies that sometimes occur in hospital nurseries
  • Prove an adoptee’s relationship with his biological mother
  • Confirm the accuracy of in-vitro fertilization

We are committed to providing our clients with the fastest, most accurate results at the best prices. We take great care regarding your confidentiality concerns. Our professional sample collectors and executives are friendly and are happy to answer your questions at any stage of the process. We adhere to the highest standards for specimen collection and isolation to ensure that the results of our DNA testing meet the highest legal standards. Whatever DNA analysis service you need, we strive to ensure your comfort every step of the process.

At DNA Labs Pakistan, we are proud to offer the quickest, 100% accurate DNA maternity tests in the industry at affordable prices whether you took for peace of mind or legal reasons.

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