X-SV Female Maternal Lineage DNA Test
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X-SV Female Maternal Lineage DNA Test

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Test Name: X-SV Female Maternal Lineage DNA Test

The mtDNA maternal lineage test is used to determine whether two or more individuals are related through the maternal line

mtDNA test is also called the maternal lineage DNA test. This test underlines whether there is a direct maternal (mother’s side) connection between two or more male or female participants.

Essentially, mtDNA comparison test establishes the proof of maternity or motherhood for two or more subjects. In cases where the mother is not available to provide a sample, mtDNA test can establish the maternal relation through the DNA analysis of a maternal relative with respect to the subject in question.

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Even though mitochondrial DNA or mtDNA is present in both males and females, only females can pass their mtDNA to their children ­ a mother to her daughter, daughter to her daughter and so many. In DNA labs Pakistan, we compare the subject’s mtDNA patterns to establish if portions of their DNA belong to a particular (same) maternal line. We take samples in a simple, painless procedure and generally the test results are available between 15­-20 days.

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