Y-STR Male Paternal Lineage DNA Test
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Y-STR Male Paternal Lineage DNA Test

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Test name: Y-STR Male Paternal Lineage DNA Test

Direct paternal lineage is the line that follows our paternal ancestry which consists only of men. The DNA pattern analysis of Y ­chromosome, which is present only in men, can trace one’s father, his father, his father’s father, and so on. The paternal lineage tells us one’s paternal ancestry.

Y chromosomes are sex chromosomes (there are X & Y chromosomes, females have X X while males have X ­ Y, in simple terms), they carry the genetic pattern which makes anyone male or female. Men receive the X chromosome of their mother and the Y chromosome of their father. Only sons inherit their father’s Y chromosome, not daughters

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In DNA Labs Pakistan, we use paternal line DNA testing with STR markers which are actually places where one’s DNA has a variable number of repeated segments. These STR (Short Tandem Repeats) values slowly transition from generation to generation. Our lab experts are able to define distinctive and conclusive results by way of testing multiple STR markers which form the signatures for Y­STR paternal lineage.

Many of our clients use this paternal lineage test to establish relationships with their long lost relatives, paternal ancestors, etc. A common paternal line may be established and then broken links of paternity may be joined by testing the DNA profiles of alleged father(s). In DNA Labs Pakistan, there are various configurations of Paternal Lineage tests available depending upon the availability and willingness of your relatives, parents, Grand­parents, etc. our experts may suggest the most suitable, cost ­effective and accurate tests for your particular requirements. Call or write to us anytime and one of our representatives shall be happy to guide you while maintaining the confidentiality of your case.

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